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Prof. S. Kuppuswami Sastri was a well known and highly respected literary figure and a great Sanskrit Scholar who carried out deep research on the ancient texts of India. As is often the case, he belonged to a family that valued scholarship and was deeply invested in the knowledge traditions of India. Even before crossing his teens, Prof Sastri had mastered Vedanta, Nyaya, Mimamsa, Vyakarana and Sahitya and he combined an all-round traditional understanding with the rigour associated with modern scholarship. He is especially remembered for his pioneering work in Purva Mimamsa. During his lifetime he also became the first Principal of the Madras Sanskrit College.

The Kuppuswami Sastri Research Institute was established in 1945 as a fitting tribute to the great scholar Mahamahopadhyaya, Darsana Kalanidhi, Vidyavacaspati, Prof. S. Kuppuswami Sastri, who combined in himself the rare combination of depth of traditional scholarship and modern research acumen. Many great stalwarts and statesmen like Dr. Sir. S. Radhakrishnan (Former President of India), Rt. Hon’ble V.S.Srinivasa Sastri, Padmabhushan Sir K.Balasubrahmanya Iyer, Padmabhushan Dr.V.Raghavan, Dr.S.S.Janaki and scores of other eminent men of letters have adorned different positions to raise this Institute to become an internationally reputed organization in the field of Sanskrit and Indology.


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